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8 Habits That Make Anxiety Worse

If you've ever had your heart beating out of your chest during a stressful situation or notice that your palms may get sweaty from an overwhelming task, you may be dealing with anxiety, which could be your body's natural response to stress. Anxiety can be caused by an array of external factors – such as trauma, chronic illness, etc.

Part of battling stress and anxiety and keeping it bay, is knowing your triggers in order to not get overwhelmed with your feelings and emotions. Here are 8 habits you should AVOID that make anxiety worse:

  • SKIPPING MEALS: Skipping meals release stress hormones such as cortisol that can cause stress on the body. Skipping meals also can lead to symptoms such as irritability.

  • REACHING FOR SUGAR: Sugar increases the risk of anxiety and depression.

  • POOR EATING HABITS: Poor eating habits can affect your intake of essential nutrients.

  • NOT EXERCISING: Your body is designed to move, and if you sit down all day, it is likely to suffer from inactivity.

  • WATCHING THE NEWS EXCESSIVELY: Watching the news can exacerbate that problem, leaving you feeling moody and anxious afterward.

  • IGNORING YOUR ANXIETY: Your anxiety is a signal that you need to change something.

  • DRINKING CAFFEINE: Caffeine is an "anxiety amplifier" that often affects anxiety hours later.

  • EATING PROCESSED FOODS: Processed foods contain additives, which can promote anxiety.

What habits are making your anxiety worse? Often situations are outside of our control.

But we can also have bad habits that make anxiety worse, and this is what we can control.

Once you are aware of your bad habits and commit to changing them, you can begin to reduce your anxiety.

For more help, contact Dr. Makida Bey.

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