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Is Work/Life Balance a Myth?

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

An interview with Dr. Makida Bey

I recall once doing an interview with a Lifestyles and Fitness magazine on what it means to me to live a balanced life as a busy professional. The following is a summary of what I shared:

Q1.: How do you define balanced living?

A1.: Balanced living is the act of bringing all aspects of one's life - health, family, work, relationships, leisure, finances - in a healthy form of coexistence. This coexistence provides the best level of functioning for the individual.

Q2.: How does it currently show up in your life?

A2.: In order to balance my busy business with my busy personal life, I need to make sure I have a set schedule that I follow. Even if I somehow get "off schedule", such as through an illness or taking a trip, I make sure I find a way to get back on track. It's important to maintain that balance so that I can be my most optimal self.

Q3.: What has it cost you not to incorporate life balance habits in your life?

A3.: Before actively working on a balanced life, I was constantly stressed and felt that I would never be able to live up to the goals I've set for myself. I was in a constant state of failure in nearly every area of my life - one area would always have to be sacrificed for the others. It cost me time, money, health, was not a healthy way to be.

Q4.: How has your life improved because of balanced living?

A4.: The key to balanced living is setting a schedule then having the discipline to follow through on it. After working on making a more disciplined effort, I have been able to successfully work on and fulfill my purpose in all the important areas of my life. It has been a vast improvement from the stressed out, barely functioning areas as before. Now, I am able to step into my purpose, and reach my goals with confidence, knowing that I at least have tried my best (and am still better off than I was before)

Perhaps you can relate to some or all of these answers. If you need further assistance in trying to find and stay with having a balanced life, feel free to contact me. I will be your guide towards a more stable, balanced, and fruitful life.

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