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Signs That You Are Emotionally Exhausted

Have you noticed that you're losing your patience? What about being more irritable than normal? Feeling unmotivated? If any of this sounds like how you've been feeling over the last couple weeks, it may be a sign that you are emotionally exhausted.

Emotional exhaustion is feeling yourself emotionally worn out or drained and can be brought on by many different factors. From whether it's stress or increased anxiety, emotional exhaustion is something that accumulates slowly over time due to challenging times and can affect your emotional and physical being.

If you don't know if emotional exhaustion is affecting you, here are a few of the telling signs:

  • Loss of patience/irritability: Losing your patience with family, friends and colleagues can be a subtle but telling sign that you're mentally exhausted. This is also a common warning sign of depression and is represented mostly in teenagers and younger individuals where sadness and changes in mood are more prevalent and frequent. This can be an overwhelming feeling that can lead to deeper stress and anxiety.

  • Trouble sleeping: Any sleep disorder can be a direct sign of emotional imbalance. Interruptions in sleep patterns is one of the most noticeable signs that your mood and emotions are being affected. When you aren't getting the proper rest requires to function effectively on an every day basis, it can lead to some other warning signs such as depression and irritability. In turn, sleeping too much can lead to a lack of motivation, which is another sign of emotional exhaustion.

  • Indigestion: a disruption in your appetite can be associated with many things pertaining to your emotional state. Our bodies produces hormones and neurotransmitters that signal hunger. When there is an imbalance, we can experience a loss in appetite which can lead to weight loss which can end up affecting our overall health and wellness. This can also lead to physical exhaustion causing prolonged symptoms.

  • Unmotivated: One great reason that people experience a lack in motivation in any aspect of life is when there are any signs of exhaustion across the board. Exhaustion can deplete your energy and once you no longer feel the strength to be present, you can begin to lose interest in some of the activities you would typically find most enjoyable. When feeling unmotivated, you may feel like not getting out of bed, socializing or even performing your daily routine which can affect everyone around you.

  • Detachment: Feeling detached may feel like you're losing a grip on reality. This can happen physically, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually. The results of feeling detached can interfere with your social development, along with your psychological state. Detachment that goes unnoticed can have lasting effects on your overall state of being in the long run. If you feel challenges in your relationships, your self-esteem, a desire for substance abuse or a lack of connectivity, detachment may have its grips on you.

Ask yourself, are you taking care of your mental and emotional health? If you’re experiencing mental exhaustion, it’s time to take a break and re-charge! Keep your internal dialog positive and upbeat. This matters far more than you may realize.

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