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Staying Stress-Free As A High-Powered Executive For Enhanced Productivity

When performing as a high-powered executive, there’s no denying the stress and pressure that comes along with the job. Many of us struggle to stay focused on the tasks that matter most, while also trying to juggle our personal lives and commitments — leaving little time for self-care. But as Michelle Obama once said “you have to take care of yourself first in order to be your best self”.

That’s why I choose to make myself my own best anti-stress kit — taking intentional steps each day to prioritize my physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. This means taking time out of my schedule to exercise regularly, pray and practice charity work, and spend quality time with friends and family who help me stay grounded in reality - even amidst my chaotic work demands. Taking part in activities that bring me joy such as playing with kids or learning something new helps give me a break from the ‘work switch’ allowing me to step back and gain perspective on any issue at hand.

I also make sure to get enough restful sleep each night, as this helps reset my mind and body while giving me the energy I need for each day’s demands. Self-care is an investment not only in yourself but also in your career, because it allows you to approach complex situations from a calmer place. With self-care, you are then able to resist burnout and focus on what really matters, instead of getting sucked into a cycle of overworking yourself without seeing the desired results.

In essence, I am learning to be flexible with my expectations, so that when one task is done I can move onto the next without feeling guilty about taking a break here and there. But more importantly, this helps so that when I do get around to tackling each task on my to-do list, it will be done with fresh enthusiasm and readiness!

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