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Why Doing More as an Executive Woman Actually Leads to Getting Less Done

As high-powered executive women, it’s easy to fall into the trap of trying to do everything perfectly -- taking on too much work and juggling countless responsibilities. We often feel that in order to prove our worthiness for a role or task, we need to do more than everyone else — but this mentality can actually lead to getting less done in the long run.

When trying to do too much all at once, it’s hard to stay focused and keep track of important tasks, resulting in delays and unfinished projects. This not only creates unnecessary stress and strain on your physical and emotional health, but also hurts team morale as tasks pile up without resolution. In addition, pushing yourself too hard can create burnout, which further decreases productivity levels while causing physical and mental fatigue, exhaustion and difficulty concentrating — all of which can prevent you from reaching success with both personal and professional tasks.

While ambition is important for any executive woman, striving for excellence requires balance rather than going into overdrive mode; instead of doing more all at once, focus on doing things better by taking the time to plan strategically and prioritize essential tasks wisely. Prioritize self-care so that you are able to better tackle tough challenges in the workplace — sleep well, eat healthily, exercise regularly and take breaks when needed in order to maintain balance between efficiency and reflection.

By doing this, you will not only increase your performance capability but also learn how to make sure that the tasks most important for success are completed with quality results — something that is far better than simply taking on too much work and being left with nothing tangible at the end of it. You are worth it!

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