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Coaching Services

Coaching sessions will be an energizing experience. The first session involves an in-depth discussion about your goals, strengths, and challenges. During this session with Dr. Makida Bey, we will begin to clarify your situation  and then identify the best way to accomplish your goals. All coaching sessions are focused on what you need as a client, whether that’s integrating stress management techniques or creating effective action plans, the focus is on you and getting you to where you want to be. 

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Common Issues Addressed

  • Lack of confidence

  • Gain clarity and support

  • Skills on setting boundaries

  • Strategies when overwhelmed 

  • Stress management strategies 

  • Major life change 

  • Build healthy habits 

  • Meeting career goals

  • Meeting relationship goals

  • Needing an accountability partner

  • Build on your strengths.

  • Increase productivity 

  • Be your authentic self


Benefits of Coaching

  • Provides structure to your life

  • Increases daily functioning

  • Optimizes Peak performance

  • Gain clarity around your experiencing 

  • A professional to bounce ideas off of and give support 

  • Helps you set boundaries that work 

  • Reduce the "overwhelm"

  • Proactive support and encouragement

  • Helps you focus on your goals.

  • Helps with goal setting and planning 

  • Optimize your emotional health

  • Accountability partner who is in your corner

  • Strategies to manage stress.


What are the rest of the Sessions Like?

1. Goal status checks in every session
2. Identify strengths/barriers to change
3. Work through goal-setting plan until goals met
As we progress through the sessions, the goals and final outcomes will be discussed each time we meet. The focus of the sessions is to help guide you towards achieving your goals and building upon your own resilience. The number of sessions that coaching may take depends on you and your goals. Some people may have very short-term, specific goals like preparing for retirement in 6 weeks, while others may have goals that require a bit more time, like exploring self discovery or actualization. The number of sessions will be determined between you and Dr. Bey. Once both the coach and the client are satisfied with the outcomes, the sessions will then move toward a successful end, and with you stronger and more resilient!

Let's Work Together


Dr. Makida Bey also provides anxiety therapy and coaching throughout the United States and Canada via telehealth. Call her at (443) 741-1212 or email

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