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Specializing in Anxiety with Individuals, 
Couples and Families

Concierge Therapy and Coaching Services

Personalized. Confidential.

Flexible to fit your needs.

" I provide personalized services for individuals, couples and families looking for therapy or coaching that is safe and effective. I use an integrative approach with a limited number of clients in order to focus on what’s most important to you."

--- Dr. Makida Bey


Dr. Makida Bey

Makida sitting.png

My clients experience the following results:

  • Improved self-confidence and feeling empowered to handle obstacles by increasing knowledge of self, while reducing the anxiousness that comes with success (aka fear of failure)

  • Enhanced stress management practices and exposure techniques that reduce the likelihood of anxiety taking over

  • Better management of people, processes, and one's own life

I wasn’t always this calm…


I became less anxious and more organized over years of self-education and resilience-building.


While I progressed as a therapist and coach, it occurred to me that other people with these same symptoms - of being overwhelmed and having a strong need for things to be perfect - don't have to struggle with trial-and-error learning like I did. So I redirected my career from business development to psychology, and began to live my purpose as a resilience coach and therapist. Since then, I have helped so many people all over the world maximize their authentic selves, balance their priorities, and overcome their anxiety with outstanding results.

I use client-centered, behavioral and directive evidence-based strategies that help clients get to the heart of their issues, manage stress better, and improve their relationships - with others and themselves.

What My Clients Are Saying...

"Dr. Makida Bey, PsyD is an amazing and charismatic Therapist who cares about her client’s wellbeing. Through her work she endeavors into a total wellness approach that identifies the issues which are plaguing her patients in order to determine a proper diagnosis. Through her work in dealing with people who suffer from life’s difficulties Dr. Bey, PsyD has demonstrated a tremendous amount of love for people and she has helped them regain control over their lives. I highly recommend Dr., Makida Bey, PsyD to help you overcome tough hardships as well."


By creating a personal model of treatment, building upon your successes and regaining your authentic self, the achievements are endless! My strengths-based behavioral therapeutic approach will help you improve your relationships and build personal resilience.


Coaching is a good fit for those who are not in acute psychological distress and are more in need of strategies that maximize their strengths. We will focus on defining your goals, and providing you with structure, support, and empowerment 


Want to know more about what concierge therapy and coaching services can do for you, including how this model gives you time back and easier access to a professional? Click here to learn more.

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